Our Load Cell range provides weighing solutions for a broad spectrum of industrial applications. The range offers high quality, sealed load cells at very competitive prices. Please see our applications section to see some of the varied applications these products can be used in.

There are solutions for the majority of applications available directly off the shelf, and the data sheets for these products can be downloaded for inspection. If there is no appropriate solution available pre-built then Elite Transducers also offers a custom design and build service, ensuring that even the most unusual applications can be catered for. For further information on these, or any of the other products Elite offer please visit our technical datasheet section .If you can’t find what you’re looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

Bin Lift Cells

This product is specifically designed for retrofit to allow the easy measurement of waste collected. The Bin Lift range of load cells is approved for commercial weighing to OIML R60 2000. The side mounting load cell has been specifically designed for the extremely high fatigue stress and impact loads experienced in onboard vehicle weighing. The fully welded construction of the Bin Lift cell makes it an ideal unit for the hostile environment experienced in applications where durability and high accuracy are of paramount importance.

Shear Beams

The beams offered by Elite Transducers are all stainless steel fully welded and sealed to IP68 guaranteeing that they will operate successfully even in the most inhospitable conditions. There is an almost unlimited number of uses for these shear beams, but some include: weighing platforms, bag fillers, belt weighers and tank weighing, in a number of the fields listed above.

Load Pins

Load measuring pins are designed for many diverse applications as direct replacements for clevis or pivot pins. They have many advantages over other load sensors in that they do not normally require any change to the mechanical structure being monitored. Load pins are typically used in rope, chain and brake anchors, sheaves, shackles, bearing blocks and pivots.

Pressure Transducers

Our pressure measurement systems can be easily integrated into existing hydraulic systems allowing accurate overload protection and monitoring.

Silo Mount Load Cells

The Silo Mount weighing system from Elite Transducers Ltd offers a complete vessel weighing solution incorporating lift off prevention and vessel expansion without compromising accuracy. It features a fully welded sensor and is manufactured from high tensile stainless steel type 431 S29 for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance. The sensor becomes an integral part of your assembly and eliminates the need for vessel restraints or check rods. Intrinsically safe certification is also available to ATEX / IECEx Standards (certified for use in gas and dust zones.

'S' Cells

S Cells are supplied manufactured from stainless steel, and are welded or potted, meaning once again that they are very resilient to the environment. Usually such devices are operated in tension, but the design can also be adapted to work in compression, or even a combination of both. Typically, S Cells are used in bag filling machines, overhead track scales, hopper, tank and vessel weighing, material testing and conveyors.


As well as our comprehensive range of load cells, we can also offer an extensive range of complementary instrumentation. We can supply both wired and telemetry handhelds and other displays to suit your application.